Question and Answers

What kind of inventory
do we sell?
We sell popular textbooks, CDs, and DVDs.
When we sell restricted items on consignment, there is a 50-50 split on net profits. We pay the 5th of each month for items that have sold.

Our clients pay for shipping us and we cover prep costs
How is the profit calculated on the website? Does it include the 50% cut?
The profit number you see on the website is after the 50:50 split. You are seeing your 50% cut after shipping fees to us and Amazon.
When will I be paid and how?
Payment for your sales occurs on the 5th of each month, reflecting the previous month's transactions. Please anticipate at least a 2-month period before receiving your initial payment. Our service prioritizes maximizing your profits for restricted textbooks over quick earnings, akin to selling directly on Amazon, where time is a factor in generating revenue.

Payments are made through PayPal, Venmo, check, or ACH transfer.
What does 50% profit with a $20 limit commission charge mean?
We share the net profit on a 50:50 basis while guaranteeing that our share never exceeds $20. For instance, if you sell a $100 profitable item, you keep $80, and we take $20. Should it be a $200 gain, you retain $180, and our share remains at $20.
Do you reimburse for lost items?
Restricted Inventory will never reimburse for lost items unless the carrier or Amazon reimburses us first. In the event we receive reimbursement we will treat it as a sale and split profits 50:50.
Are my restricted Items guaranteed to sell?
No. Items cannot be guaranteed to sell, but we tell our users to expect 80% of their items to sell as this is the industry norm for booksellers.
Do you check for counterfeit textbooks?
We have a stringent system for checking for counterfeit books. If we find a counterfeit book, it will not be returned to the owner.
Do you have a dock?
Yes, we have a dock to receive pallets.
How many pallets can you accept?
We will accept as many pallets as you can send. Just be sure every single item in the pallet has been scanned into our website before sending to us.
Do you merchant fulfill or send the items FBA?
Depending on our capacity limits, we will adjust what we send FBA versus merchant fulfilled. When our capacity limits are low we may list 100% of our inventory merchant fulfilled. If Amazon grants us space, we will send the most profitable items FBA first.
Can you help me with stranded inventory?
No, we are no longer accepting any inventory sent via removal orders.